Who We Are?

Here at GENX M-Tech , we embrace our client’s individuality by creating bespoke content and software. We believe in delivering work that encapsulates the values of your business.

We took off from one-room-office 12 years ago and grew into a massive group of wizards devoted to providing the best of the best to our clients.

We not only respect the privacy of the brands we work with, we respect their digital identity and their values. From e-commerce management to brand building, graphic design and copywriting, we are a one-stop solution for all things digital. We utilize our vast experience in digital communication to cater to all the needs of our clients.

The Right People In The Right Jobs

Meet the bunch of enthusiasts who make it all happen for your business.

Mujtaba Tariq

CEO & Founder

Mujtaba founded this now-thriving-company with a handful of personal cash and tons of courage and self-determination. He is an e-commerce specialist with a backbone of software development who has been in the creative industry for 12 years. He runs the show with a keen eye on all and close relations with his valued clientele.

Naheen Aslam Mahar

Creative Director

Naheen oversees the smooth running of all creative operations of the company. She has a keen eye for detail, from pre-shoot set concepts to post-shoot graphic designs she makes sure everything is aligned with client’s needs and brand imagine.

Naeem Ahsan

Development Manager

You name it and Naeem can do it. He is the one stop for all our technical needs. With his extensive skill set, he caters absolutely everyone and everything. He is extremely passionate about his work and seriously fierce about deadlines.

Shehrooz Mazher

Social Media Manager

Being a social media manager is not just about posting content. Shehrooz makes our clients stand out in the black hole of the internet. He is an expert in strategizing and executing digital marketing campaigns and analyzing the data results from those campaigns into measurable revenue.
Modernization solutions from GENX M-Tech open the door to the transformation of legacy software assets and the ability to incorporate advanced development practices to manage them become a business-enabler with GENX M-Tech solutions driving business success through agility and responsiveness. From application development-related software and IT consulting to education, retail and custom development – GENX M-Tech provides what you need when you need it.
GENX M-Tech focuses on powering business agility by providing software and services that help customers manage and modernize their enterprise applications. Founded on a mission to manage the complexity of multi-platform application projects, GENX M-Tech creates innovative application development solutions. We provides software and services powering development for more than 40 clients in both the private and public sectors, including education, NGOs, banking, IT, tourism, and manufacturing & Retail.